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Consumer Trends

Main segment in the deodorant market is still freshness and fragrance.


* The freshness sensation for
body and soul * Reliable body
odour protection due to special ingredients * Highly effective formula.
Caribbean Lime
fresh citrus perfume, aromatic
and fruity.
Ocean Wind
fresh – cosmetic fantasy composition.
Exotic Fruits
fresh-green-fruity-floral jasmine composition, with a woody sandalwood-fond.
  Cool Energy
fresh, spicy and very natural fragrance on a woody fond.

fresh, herbal-chypre and aromatic fragrance.
fresh, flowery creation based on vanilla elements
Kiwi Punch
fresh creation of a scent cocktail.
Ice Tea
fresh mix of basic Ice Tea note
and exotic fruit scents.


Market Position of Fa

* Leading European body care brand * High international distribution level * Present in all relevant body care segments
* Leading position in the freshness segment

  The Relaunch Objectives

* To capitalize on the high brand
potential and to enrich the
freshness image in order to
establish a new fascinating Fa
world of "Freshness for body
and soul" * To regain a specific profile within the freshness
segment of the body care market
* To offer a relevant added value
to the consumer, compatible
with the freshness concept
* Focus on perceivable product
aspects for the consumer:

* New fragrances.
* New colours.
* New benefits that express
the concept.

  The effective interaction of the cosmetic-aromatic fragrances with essential oils from the extracts of Eastern Ginseng and Gingkko,
tropical Kukkkui, Macadamia oil and Caribbean Lemongras effect the individual well-being positively by refreshing, stimulating and
invigorating and also relaxing body and soul.

New International Products
New Formulas:

* Modern, highly emotional and
sophisticated fragrances provide the products with a unique and cosmetic profile.
* Extra mild, skin-friendly product formulations for healthy skin.
* Extra mild"sensitive" variants - colorant - and preservative-free with delicate perfumes.

  Fa Bath Additives:

* Essential oils and exotic
ingredients unfold their
beneficial effects for a new
shower and bath sensation.
* Highly skin compatible formulas
with Fa's Hydro-Balance-System
help stabilize the healthy balance
of the skin.

  Fa Deodorants:

* Fa's Deo-Active-System with improved deodorant formulas provide 24 hours active freshness for reliable body odour.
* protection.

New Products

Deospray Extra Dry

* This unique, alcohol-free formula offers long-lasting protection against body odour whilst providing reliable underarm dryness * Contains special oils to gently care for the skin.

Soap & Cream

Contain 1/4 Hydrocream enriched with moisturisers as well as care lipids to leave the skin with a clear, healthy freshness in addition
to providing the skin with moisturising care.

  Balsam 2 in 1 -Shower Gel and Body Lotion

* Packaging adaptation of Douche
& Cream AS Balsam 2 in 1 to the
shower gel range.
* Creamy white caring Hydro-Balance-System formula with additional moisturisers.

New Packaging Design

* Increased brand attractiveness, modernity and personality
* Modern, international packaging design to underline the new concept.
* Packaging colours reflecting the
individual "well-being" formulas.
  * More attractive bar soap form design for more comfortable handling. * Optimized form design for roll-on and vaporizer for a higher size impression.*New haptic material for the shower gel bottle for better handling in the shower.

Environmental Contribution

* 100% recycled and non-bleached folding boxes for bar soap.
* Easy waste disposal and recycling possibility of the empty deospray cans. * Deosprays free of CFC propellants. * Bath additive formulas based on renewable raw materials for high biodegradability.


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